Announcing our REP Xtras for Hold These Truths!

Enhance your experience with one of our Hold These Truths REP Xtra Events!


Talkin’ Theatre with Todd

Thursday, November 14 at 7pm before the 8pm Performance

Solo performances in theatre are radically different than ensemble performances. Both come with unique artistic and production challenges. Join REP Associate Artistic Director Todd Salovey and his guests for fascinating insight into both forms. Todd’s guests are Hold These Truths Director Jessica Kubzansky, Culture Clash Founding member Ric Salinas, writer and actor Phil Johnson and REP Playwright-in-Residence Herbert Siguenza.

The American Justice System and Gordon Hirabayashi

Friday, November 15 after the 8pm Performance

Join Judge Mary M. Schroeder, who is of a historic class of female judges who broke barriers and made history in the federal Judiciary and is the judge responsible for overturning the unjust conviction of Gordon Hirabayashi, for a lively discussion about that case and the American justice system, facilitated by REP Associate Producer Kim Heil.


Art Gallery Opening – America’s Concentration Camps: From Evacuation to Incarceration

Saturday, November 16 at 7pm before the 8pm Performance

Join Archivist Jane Kenealy and Outreach Coordinator Linda Canada to view and learn more about this exhibition which features photographs from the collections of the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego. The photographs tell the story of people of Japanese ancestry living in San Diego in 1942 when President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066. They were part of the 120,000 people evacuated from the West Coast and held in internment camps which some people now call “America’s Concentration Camps”. The exhibition features photographs illustrating how our government treated the families and individuals who were affected by this infamous order.

The Wonder of Japanese Floral Design

Tuesday, November 19 at 6pm before the 7pm Performance

Ikebana is a classical art form encompassing all styles of Japanese floral arranging dating back to the Ashijaga period (1338-1573) that can be traced to the ritual flower offering in Buddhist temples. Join former REP Board President and Ikebana artist-in-training Sachiko Kohatsu who returns from her study in Japan to share a one-of-a-kind floral arranging demonstration and insights into this ancient and beautiful art!


Sam’s Salon: Fight For Your Rights

Thursday, November 21 at 7pm before the 8pm Performance

Hold These Truths tells the story of Gordon Hirabayashi, who fought for his rights and the rights of Japanese Americans for 50 years in the US courts. Gordon is part of a long standing American tradition of heroic individuals standing up against injustice and ­fighting for their rights. Join Artistic Director Sam Woodhouse as he hosts a fascinating conversation with San Diegans who have fought for human rights and justice. Sam’s guests include community activist and advocate Jamie Wilson and Amy Fitzpatrick, CEO of the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program.

Community Conversations

Thursday, November 21 after the 8pm Performance

Join The REP’S Associate Artistic Director Todd Salovey for a fun and interactive discussion of the performance. Share your feelings and thoughts about this extraordinary true story with your fellow audience members.

Meet the Artists

Friday, November 22 after the 8pm Performance

After the show join actor Ryun Yu of Hold These Truths for an open discussion of the work on stage. REP Associate Producer and Casting Director Kim Heil is your host. Bring your questions and comments!

Live Mini-Concert: Taiko Drumming

Saturday, November 23 at 7:15pm before the 8pm Performance

Enjoy a rousing performance of traditional Taiko Drumming by the San Diego-based drumming team, Genbu Daiko. Founded by Noel Garcia in 2015, Genbu Daiko strives to promote creative expression and cultural awareness through the art of Taiko.

Stay and Play

Sunday, November 24 after the 2pm Performance

A play is only fully-realized when performed in front of an audience. After the show, join your fellow audience members for a stimulating conversation about the work. Stay and Play, like a book club for the theatre, is hosted by REP Literary Manager Danielle Ward. (P.S. A thematically related book list is available on request for groups who want to continue the conversation.)

Free Beer Friday

Friday, November 29 after the 8pm Performance

Do you like beer and chatting about theatre? How about a glass of craft cider? Stick around after the show tonight and join the cast and crew for a sampling of cider from Bivouac Ciderworks.


Community Conversations

Saturday, November 30 after the 2pm Performance

Join Patrice Amon, REP Producer-in-Residence and Latinx scholar, for a fun and interactive discussion of the performance. Share your feelings and thoughts about this extraordinary true story with your fellow audience members.


Commission Hearings: First Person Testimonies of Japanese American Incarceration

Sunday, December 1 at 1:15pm before the 2pm Show

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter signed legislation to create the federal Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC). Its mission was to investigate the causes and effects of the World War II incarceration on over 110,000 men, women and children of Japanese ancestry, and to recommend appropriate remedies. The CWRIC held hearings in 10 cities. Over 20 days of hearings, 750 people testi­fied, including 7 San Diegans. Join us as Japanese American Historical Society Board Member, Kay Ochi, shares excerpts of these testimonies and explains their deep signi­ficance.

Share With Sam What You Think About the Show

Sunday, December 1 after the 2pm Performance

Join REP Artistic Director Sam Woodhouse for a lively, no holds barred conversation about the extraordinary true story you just witnessed onstage.


The ACLU and the Fight for American Freedoms

Wednesday, December 4 after the 7pm Performance

Join REP Associate Producer Kim Heil and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) San Diego Executive Director Norma Chavez-Peterson for a stimulating conversation after the performance. Discover the inside details of how the ACLU defends freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution in the courts, legislatures and communities across America.


Herbert Wants To Know Your Thoughts

Saturday, December 7 after the 2pm Performance

Join REP Playwright-in-Residence Herbert Siguenza for a fun and interactive discussion of the performance. Share your feelings and thoughts about this extraordinary true story with your fellow audience members.