Amigos del REP

Amigos del REP is a theatre advocacy council of community members and artists who promote Hispanic/Latino/Chicano theatre at San Diego Repertory Theatre. 

We host the annual San Diego Rep Latinx New Play Festival, Historias Tenebrosas cultural celebration, and staged readings of plays by Latinx playwrights.  

We create opportunities for Latinx playwrights, directors, actors, stage managers, and designers. To learn about these artistic opportunities or share your resume, please email Patrice Amon at

We are now accepting submissions for San Diego REP Latinx New Play Festival 2021! Click HERE to learn more. 

Amigos del Rep leaders at the 2018 San Diego Rep Latinx New Play Festival.

Founder: Herbert SiguenzaIf you would like more information about Amigos del Rep events or to join our mailing list please email

Executive Producer: Maria Patrice Amon
Producers: Dave Rivas, Sylvia Enrique
Leaders: Carmen Amon, Elizabeth Corrow, Melody de los Cobos, Vanessa Duron, Jose Galvan, Rudy Gandara, Bryant Hernandez, Elsa Martinez, Salomon Maya, Vanessa Mendoza, John Padilla, Daniel Ramos, Yvette Roman, Marda Rose, Santi Samano, Arusi Santi, Elizabeth Uribe, Mario Vega, Victoria Yvette Zepeda


Amigos del REP's Historias Tenebrosas performing
"La Llorona"

Amigos del REP's reading of
"Abuelito's MexicanChristmas Carol"


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Email or call 619.544.1000
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